Safety Cans with UN certification

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Safety cans, jarrycans, containers

special safety jerrycans with UN

Volume safety jerrycans with UN

  • 1 - 25 L

Safety transportation containers, jerrycans, cans with UN

  • Special containers for the safe transport of hazardous goods on all public traffic routes
  • Accredited for UN-transports according to ADR, RID, IMDG Code and ICAO-TI resp. GGVSEB and GGVSee for all classes of hazardous goods (packaging group X)
  • Made of 0,6 to 1,2mm strong stainless steel (type dependent), gaskets of PTFE
  • With flame trap and screw cap without pressure control valve as a standard - also available with pressure control valve (ord. no. supplemented with "V", e.g. 10 KTV)
  • Equipped with self-closing tap Z150, 25TZ may also be used in horizontal position

Technical specification safety jerrycans with UN

safety transportation jerrycans volume [L] ord. no.
Safety transportation can 1 01T
Safety transportation can 2 02T
Safety transportation can 5 05T
Safety transportation canister 5 05KT
Safety transportation canister 10 10KT
Safety transportation canister with separate ventilation 20 20KTL
Safety transportation barrel 25 25TZ
Safety canisters 05KZ, 10KZ, 20KZ and safety transportation barrel 25TZ - Z150

Photo gallery safety jerrycans with UN

special safety jerrycans with UN accessories for safety jerrycans
special safety jerrycans with UN accessories for safety jerrycans (Z150)

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