Plastic drums of wine, food

akční nabídka obalů
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Food barrels for wine - cylindrical SW

sudy na víno

Volume wine drums

  • 15 - 30 liters

Handling drums for wine

  • 1x / 2x handles

Advantages wine drums

  • suitable for food
  • tasteless
  • wide hopper allows for easy cleaning
  • valve cover gasket and chemical resistant
  • cover with gasket provides airtight closure
  • handles for easy transport of empty tanks
  • additional small cap for the performance of smaller quantities
  • filter protection during fermentation beverages
  • wide range of accessories and spare parts

Technical specifications of cylindrical drums of wine type of SW

volume [L] Ø [mm] height [mm]
15 300 345
30 330 470


Photo gallery cylindrical drums for wine type SW

drums of wine, 15 liters and 30 liters
drums of wine, 15 liters and 30 liters

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